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How to send Flash SMS in Nigeria

Think about reliable bulk SMS Nigeria service provider and the person sitting next to you is already recommending SMS.com.ng. It's no-brainer to choose SMS.com.ng when you want your messages to standout, and to achieve this, you should send your messages as flash SMS.

What is Flash SMS?

Flash SMS is a type of SMS that appears directly on the main mobile screen without user interaction and it is not automatically stored in the inbox. As such, Flash SMS is a value-added-service to a standard SMS delivery. It’s most commonly used to deliver sensitive information and to immediately catch a recipient’s attention.
Flash SMS

How to Send Flash SMS

  1. Create a bulk SMS Nigeria account on SMS.com.ng
  2. Activate your SMS.com.ng account by clicking on the activation link sent to your email address. Please, check your spam folder if you don't get it in 10 minutes.
  3. Login to your SMS.com.ng account and you will be redirected to the 'Send SMS' page. You will notice that you were given 2 free units for testing.
  4. Compose your message: enter a sender name; enter the destination numbers; type your message; tick the checkbox for 'Send as Flash SMS' and click 'Send SMS'.
  5. Your SMS will deliver as flash SMS.
How to Send Flash SMS

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