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Here is Why Your SMS Delivers with 'New Message, Bulk SMS or Inform' as the Sender Name

Have you been wondering why your messages deliver with either 'New Message', Bulk SMS' or 'Inform' as the sender name instead of your chosen name? Please, cool your temper and read this article.

Sender ID in a message is the bulk SMS identity. Infact, to tell the truth, it's one of the features of bulk SMS that makes it really exciting. Little wonder then that we are not happy when an SMS is delivering with a different Sender ID other than the one we want. Lately, if your messages were sent with a sender ID of 'BulkSMS or Inform' here is why this is so and how you can fix that.

Oh my Goodness! Why ‘New Message, Bulk SMS or Inform’ as Sender ID?
The restrictions and policies that have rocked the SMS industry in recent years can not be overemphasised. The DND issue was just the beginning of what is rapidly becoming a stringent and controlled bulk SMS industry. This is as a result of the increasing spam and scam messages.

The NCC-supported network operators are now bringing bulk SMS from an individual level into more of a corporate service for companies and businesses. Because of this, all Sender IDs used to send bulk SMS are now required to be registered with all GSM operators (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE).
If Sender IDs are not registered on the operators' database, the GSM operators automatically switch SMS sent with these Sender IDs to a default one (NOTICE or Bulk SMS for MTN especially, and INFORM for some other networks). Without this adjustment the SMS will fail entirely while you will still pay for it.

How do I Register my Sender ID?
You may recall that we started receiving application letters for Sender ID registration for DND numbers sometimes ago. That's been on hold for a while now. Because of this new development, we will forward your Sender IDs for registration from our end.

A few requirements must be fulfilled though:
  1. Desist from sending unsolicited and scam related SMS from your account, as sender IDs with such records are completely prohibited from being used to deliver bulk SMS messages.
  2. The operators also require that the Sender ID for registration should be used regularly, most especially for corporate information. The explanation is that sparingly used Sender IDs inevitably gets deleted from database.
We apologize sincerely for the inconveniences this new development may bring.
We assure you that we are, as usual, on top of this situation and are already making progress with getting as many IDs as possible registered.
We advise you to refrain from sending unsolicited SMS from your account (ensure that your recipients want to hear from you), and also use your Sender ID often to qualify for registration.
Meanwhile, until your Sender ID is registered, you could possibly include your sender ID in the message body as a signature at the end.
Thank you for your continued patronage, and please remain safe.

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